About IHBI


The International Historical Biographical Institute (Dubai - New York - Rome - Jerusalem - Beijing) was established in 2018. The central headquarters of IHBI is located in Dubai (UAE). This is the safest place on the planet for absolute safety of information and protection of a digital database. IHBI also has offices in the United States, the European Union, China, Israel and Ukraine.

The mission of IHBI is scientific popularization of historical biography science and preservation of the digital memory of humanity. IHBI is the leading operator of the art market for historical biographies in the world. IHBI maintains cooperation with more than 200 scientific and educational institutions around the world. 

IHBI is engaged in the implementation of the following tasks:

  • Collection and publication of biographical materials about prominent historical figures of the past and present
  • Popularization of achievements of famous people of today
  • Discovery and promotion of new names among young leaders of the modern world
  • Memorialization of people who have contributed to the development of the modern world
  • Popularization of personalities previously unknown or little-known to the wider global public who significantly contribute to the development of various areas of professional activity and to changing the world and humanity
  • Preservation of family memory, biographies and artistic legacy of personalities from around the world
  • Implementation of grant support for research in the field of world history and biography science
  • Awarding international prizes in the field of world history and biography science
  • Implementation of international scientific projects in the field of world history and biography science
  • Holding international scientific conferences, internships and courses on world history and historical biography science
  • Preparation and publication of monographs and scientific articles in the field of historical biography science
  • Creation of a digital scientific database of prominent figures of the past and present
  • Realization of rare and unique historical biographies for collectors around the world
  • Expertise of historical biographies
  • Recommendations for collecting and investing in the art market of historical biographies


Board of Directors

Honorable  Director,  Professor  Muhammad Yunus

Director General, Professor Mohammed Al Baradei

Director for Australia and Oceania, Professor Melanie Nolan 

Director for Eurasia and North America, Professor Yurii Neduzhko

Director for Latin America, Professor Maria Jesus González Fernández

Director for Africa, Professor Jofolo Doumbia

Director of Digital Art, Crypto Markets and NFT, Dr. Ihor Neduzhko

Director of ‘Digital Monument / Memorable Historical Biographies’ program, Dr. Alexander Lozovitsky