Dear colleagues!

The International Historical Biographical Institute  (Dubai - New York - Rome - Jerusalem - Beijing) invites you to complete a course 'World History: Famous Personalities'.

The course is intended for University teachers, scientists, school teachers, students and all History lovers.

The course consists of 30 topics dedicated to outstanding figures of the past and present. The course will be taught with the participation of leading world scientists and specialists from the UAE, USA, Great Britain, France, China, Russia, India, and Ukraine.

Course languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian.

The course is designed for 60 hours.

The course starts on May 15, 2020. It will be available at any convenient time. You only need to fill in the application form below.

During the course, you will receive documentary materials, video lectures, films, as well as an international certificate, taking into account the relevant national educational standards of course participants from different countries. The certificate will indicate the number of training hours and the competencies obtained.

We would appreciate a philanthropic donation equal to EUR 120. These funds will be used to support and further develop the project 'World History: Famous Personalities'.

Course programme

  1. Alexander the Great - Macedonian Emperor
  2. Qin Shi Huang, King of Eternal Empire
  3. Gaius Julius Caesar: General, Leader, Emperor
  4. Cleopatra - ruler of Egypt
  5. Salah al-Din - Conqueror of the Crusaders
  6. Genghis Khan – the founder of the Mongol Empire
  7. Joan of Arc - the Maid of Orleans
  8. Leonardo Da Vinci - the Shadow Side of the Outstanding Man
  9. Suleiman the Magnificent - the Great Conqueror.
  10. Tokugawa Ieyasu. Conqueror of the Age of Warring States
  11. Elizabeth I. The Virgin Queen. The Secret of the British Queen.
  12. George Washington – the First President of the USA
  13. Napoleon Bonaparte - Great Victories and Defeats
  14. Alfred Nobel – the founder of the Prize, inventor of dynamite
  15. Mahatma Gandhi - the Road to Freedom
  16. Vivien Leigh. Fragile Queen of the Screen
  17. Adolf Hitler - the Fuhrer's Curse
  18. Benito Mussolini - Biography of the Dictator
  19. Nelson Mandela - In the Name of Freedom
  20. Fidel Castro - the Rise to Power
  21. Lee Kuan Yew - Leader of Singapore
  22. Audrey Hepburn - Princess of Hollywood 
  23. Sheikh Zayed - the Bedouin who turned the desert into the UAE
  24. Margaret Thatcher - the Birth of a Leader
  25. Ronald Reagan. Becoming a Leader
  26. Freddie Mercury. Untold story
  27. Boris Yeltsin - the First President of Russia
  28. The Legendary Steve Jobs
  29. Bill Gates - a Success Story
  30. Donald Trump. From Business to Politics. Power Strike

There may be some changes in the course programme.

To complete this training course, please fill in the application form here.