About the International Science Project ‘World History: Famous Personalities’

The International Historical Biographical Institute (Dubai - New York - Rome - Burgas - Jerusalem - Beijing) (IHBI) invites you to take part in a scale and ambitious scientific project called ‘World History: Famous Personalities.’ Its goal is to create a digital memory of achievements of individuals and all mankind during the global historical process. We will help you digitize your life, bio, achievements and memories and record your name on the pages of World History. 

Your whole life and deeds in a concentrated digital form will remain forever. This is important, first of all, for you, your relatives, descendants, colleagues, friends, society and science.

What will you get?

  • Global fame, exclusivity and popularity. We give you a chance to make a name!!! You will become a big name!!! You will demonstrate your significance to everyone!!! You will be among the most famous people on the planet. The whole world will know about you!  This is how your new virtual perfect Image created with our help and a brilliant Reputation established will look like in the eyes of your contemporaries and remain in the memory of future generations. People will see you and remember you just like that! 
  • Prestige, fame and respect - History is always written by the winners! You will bring glory to your Name and your Family! You will be recorded on the pages of World History. Everyone wants to be there. But not everyone succeeds... This is your chance! We will help you! 
  • You will get high-status, recognition and authority in the eyes of people around you. Outstanding German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel said that the struggle for recognition is the main driving force of human history and the key to understanding the origin of the modern world. The inner sense of self-worth requires recognition. Self-esteem arises from the respect of others. All people demand public recognition of their value.  What can guarantee you recognition and expand your influence on others better than the opportunity to show everyone your achievements and be in a good company of famous people on the pages of World History?! From now on, it will become an integral part of your new creative and trustworthy Reputation!  
  • All I have said will allow you to creatively start and successfully promote your unique international personal brand right now! This, in turn, will open up for you new amazing opportunities and give you useful contacts, will surround you with passionate love and genuine respect by many fans, will simplify the incorporation of foreign companies and opening of bank accounts, will speed up further career growth and possession of the financial resources you need for outstanding achievements! 
  • Digital immortality. You will be honored and remembered through the ages! We will digitize your memories and your life! And we will keep them forever. You will not just tell about yourself to people close to you, your relatives, friends and descendants.  You will stay with them forever. You really deserve this… It is crucial for you, your descendants and world history. Bruce Lee, the legendary American film actor of Chinese descent, was right to say that the key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering. We will keep a memory of you. We will be the ones to make you live forever digitally!


Our Programs

The ‘Successful Young World Leaders’ program aims at discovery and promotion of new names among active and talented young people from different countries, who create their own initiatives in various fields of professional activity, from fashion, art, creativity, acting, blogging, sports to politics, science, education, diplomacy, business and social activities, aimed at the development and change of the world around us and humanity as a whole.

The ‘Legendary Historical Figures’ program is aimed at research and popularization of personalities that have changed our world for millennia and acted as makers of the future. It was they who created our world as we see it today.

The ‘Famous People of Our Times’ program is aimed at popularizing the names and achievements of people who have made a significant contribution to the development of professional and social activities, certain enterprises, organizations, settlements, various countries and humanity as a whole. 

The ‘Digital Monument / Memorable Historical Biographies’ program seeks to preserve the personal and family memory of various generations of deceased people from around the world in the form of digitized historical biographies. Statistically, none of those living today will be here on earth in 80 years. This program makes it possible to preserve the memory of the way of living, achievements, victories, defeats, love, career advancement and creative upswing, dreams and expectations of almost every worthy person on our planet in the form of a digitized memorable historical biography. This is Your Memorial of Yourself, the Life You’ve Lived and Your Achievements for Science and Generations to Come. This information will be stored on our digital platform for centuries to come in order to tell about you to your friends, colleagues, fans, admirers, loved ones, voters, relatives, distant descendants and historical science.


Criteria for participation in our programs:

  • Dignity, ambition, significance
  • Inextinguishable longing for success
  • Real achievements
  • Creative potential, creativity
  • Visionary outlook
  • Support for charity and philanthropy
  • Ideas and willingness to implement them
  • Efforts taken to change yourself, the world around you and humanity for the better
  • Huge experience gained in the course of your life journey and willingness to share it with the generations to come


If you meet at least one or more of the above criteria, we invite you to participate in our programs.

What do you have to do to participate?

  1. To fill in with our help a form and an agreement for access to and processing of personal data on our website. You can fill in a form in English, Italian, Chinese, German, Russian, Ukrainian and any other language. If you fill in the form in any language other than English, you are required to complete the ‘Name of Person’ box in English for the search engine. As for all other boxes, the persons filling in the form may complete them in their native language or skip them at their option.
  2. To send this information to us by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.
  3. If you meet at least one or more of the above criteria, you will become a participant in our programs, of which you will be notified.
  4. We will be very grateful for your donation in the form of a registration fee in the amount equivalent to EUR 2 000. It will enable us to support the project and store information about you and your work.  It will be indicative of your personal contribution as a Noble Donator to the development of world historical science and biography science, will enable the project team to successfully continue our work for the benefit of humanity and will make it possible for us to save and popularize information about you and your achievements.
  5. We will send you to the email that you have indicated in the form a personalized digital certificate of a participant in the corresponding IHBI program, which you can easily print in paper form. 
  6. You will see your digitized historical biography or a memorable historical biography of a person about whom you provided data in the top of the corresponding program on our platform or using the global search engines and the search engine of our institute. To do this, you have to type in the Name of Person in English, or in the language in which you have filled in the form, in the browser of the search engine.
  7. We offer cooperation to international organizations, political parties, public, professional, veteran, youth and women’s associations, scientific institutions to popularize their representatives, as well as to memorialize their prominent members who meet, or met while alive, the above criteria. 
  8. If you have any questions, you can ask to ours email address.
  9. Good luck to you in your creative endeavors!
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