More than 270 scientists and experts from 180 countries worked on these World Ratings during the year.

The methodology of these World Ratings is based on the strong belief of its creators in the need for an objective assessment of authorities and municipal administration and their leaders from different countries regarding effective, productive and successful activities for the benefit of citizens, society and peoples of these states. This is called Service.

We believe that it is highly probable that the results of the World Ratings will help the citizens and mass media of these countries to clearly assess the activities of their elected representatives, as well as taxpayer-funded authorities and municipal self-governments, and to draw the right conclusions during the next elections and appointments to management positions.

The World Ratings are built on the grounds of activity-based approach in methodology. The ratings are based on a number of criteria that make it possible to objectively and impartially assess the quality and results of the real work of authorities, municipalities, organizations and institutions in different countries and their leaders for the benefit of their citizens.

  In particular:

Their activity for the benefit of their people, society and country

Development of the institutions they are in charge of

Improvement of people’s level of life

Protection of voters' interests

Implementation of innovative investigation projects

The level of professional growth of institution employees

Implementation of innovations and de-bureaucratization of management processes

Anticorruption activities and the fight against crimes

Activity aimed at digitalization of the country

Strengthening of international relations

Protection of democratic freedoms and human rights

Environmental protection

Maintenance of international peace and security

The obtained quantitative and qualitative indicators relating competitors are summarized in the table below.

The Rank shows the current place of an institution, authority, state or person in this World Rating.

The Level of Voter Support shows the percentage of support for institutions, establishments or organizations and their leaders by residents-voters.

The Contribution to the Country's Economy shows the influence of the university on the development of the economy of this State. Only for The World Rating of the Best Chancellors and Universities.

The FP&NL shows the percentage of teachers and scientists of the university or school who have passed certified international professional development programs with the participation of Famous Personalities-Professionals and Nobel Laureates. Only for The World Rating of the Best Chancellors and Universities and The World Rating of the Best Headmasters and Schools & Colleges.

The Overall Score shows the ratio of the achieved criteria of a possible ideal result in relation to competitors.

The Rating is conceptually similar to a credit rating and demonstrates the level of quality and effectiveness of the work of for institutions, establishments or organizations and their leaders for the benefit of voters.

• AAA+ Extremely strong

• AA Very strong

•А Strong

• BBB … B Middle

• CCC … C Weak (In some cases it may be due to insufficient amount of available data. This can be fixed. In this case, we recommend you to subscribe, fill in the Questionnaire and provide the requested data.)

• DDD … D Failure in work

Top 50 Countries of the World include the states where the level of the quality and performance of work of institutions, establishments and organizations for the benefit of voters was the highest.

Top 1000 include institutions, establishments and organizations in the world with the best performance indicators of their leaders and personnel.

The results of the World Ratings have been brought to your attention today.

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